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Yorkie Rescue Houston

Yorkie Rescue Houston was founded in September, 2015 when we got our 501(c)3 determination letter from the IRS.  We started out as Lost & Found Advocates, reuniting lost pets with their rightful owners.  From this, we evolved into a full-fledged rescue, pulling shelter dogs, taking in owner surrenders, strays, and found dogs who's owners never came forward.

We rely 100% on donations.  No one in our organization takes takes a paycheck.  Our average expenditure on an owner surrendered dog is $800.  Owners who surrender their dogs usually neglect them most of their lives.  Labs, x-rays, dentals, all add up.  Most of our "owner surrenders" are seniors, and our adoption fee on seniors starts at $125.  You can see how quickly and deeply they can erode our resources.

Please check back often as I add more to our offerings!!

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