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Schedule M&G

Well arrange a time for your whole family, current pet included, to meet the dog at a pet friendly, neutral location, usually, our adoption partner, PetSmart in Spring

If the meet & greet goes well, we invite you to take the pet home.  


We love to get updated photos of your new pet as they become your family.

About Our Rescue


Find the dog for you

visit to see the available dogs in our program.  

Apply online
Answer the application honestly, and completely.  Provide the records we request  

Born out of the abundance of abused, unwanted, over-bred Yorkies, we decided to target the Yorkie and other scruffy and fluffy type dogs.  (And maybe the occasional kitty)


We want to make sure that every dog we place through our adoption program is always safe and never ends up in an shelter or on the street.  All adopters are required to sign a contract that require them to surrender the dog BACK TO OUR PROGRAM in the event they can no longer care for him or her.  No adopter may rehome any pet adopted from us.  We expect our adopters to make a lifetime commitment to their pets.